Aerial Works

Aerial Photography & Survey

The Company has acquired a P-68C Ac with Photogrammetric Hatch which is suitable for most of the Cameras/Sensors available across the world, like the genres of Leica, Ultracam, LIDARs etc. The dimensions of the photogrammetric hatch is 628 mm X 467 mm. The Global Konnect aircraft are designed for carriage of under slung specialised equipment to carry out aerial reconnaissance and surveys. We offer fixed wing aircraft platforms for digital and analog mapping. All you need to do is contact us. and we will offer you the best possible solutions to your requirements.

Aerial Adventure Sports

Global Konnect Air is one of the very few companies in India to be equipped with aircraft cleared for para jumping. We meet the requirements of a novice para jumper to those of professional sky divers.

It is the endeavour of Global Konnect Air to promote the air sports in India which are presently lacking. Be it the deserts of Rajasthan, the hills of Kumaon or a scenic spot of your choice. You choose the place, time and the event, and we will be there with you.

Specialised Events

We offer solutions for specialised personal and corporate events. Be it a social gathering, marriage functions, a religious ceremony, the launch of a product or if one just wishes want to impress a loved one, we offer flower and leaflet dropping.

We are just a call away to make the event a memorable one.