We know that time is priceless. Chartering with Global Konnect you may plan the time of arrival/departure, route, number of stops, etc as per your convenience.

With Global Konnect you have the option to travel with people of your choice, carry out business discussions/meeting in total privacy with comfortable and stress free environment.

With Global Konnect you can achieve more in a given time frame as compared to scheduled operators. It also ensures cost effectiveness with optimum number of people matching the aircraft capacity.



Let us know your requirement and we’ll customise a flight for you. Unlike the scheduled operators with Global Konnect you are free of fixed schedules and rules.

We create a flight around your plans, requirements and schedules. Be it a religious trip to Varanasi or Haridwar, a sightseeing tour, quickly showing your presence in a wedding/event, a holiday gift to a loved one, to access a exclusive destination or a family vacation.

We will make all the arrangements to make your holidays pleasant, economical and hassle free.  All this comes with ingrained privacy, confidentiality and safety.



Time saved is life saved. It is our endeavour to ensure a timely, safe and cost efficient transportation of patient to the hospital of your choice in shortest possible time.
The Global Konnect aircraft are certified for Air Ambulance role and are equipped with state of art stretchers specially designed for the aircraft type and patient comfort.
Be it in India or abroad, all you need to do is simply call us and leave the rest to us. Our air ambulance service is available 24×7. We will ensure proper care and transportation of your loved one, no matter the place and time.